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      Protection Modules

      Our Protection Modules warn operators, and may directly shut down machines, when they detect severe conditions that could result in substantial damage or catastrophic failure.

      Integrated Machine Condition Monitoring System

      Integrated Machine Condition Monitoring System

      Our Dynamix™ 1444 Integrated Condition Monitoring system integrates machine protection with your standard control system. With our Studio 5000™ Designer software you can configure your system in a single design environment. EtherNet/IP provides a single network infrastructure and, with dual Ethernet ports, it supports both linear and Device Level Ring topologies, which provides a single control architecture to protect rotating and reciprocating machinery.

      Bulletin 1440 XM 124 Standard Dynamic Measurement Module

      Standard Dynamic Measurement Module

      Our Bulletin 1440 XM® 124 Standard Dynamic Measurement Modules monitor shaft, casing, or pedestal vibration in rotating equipment.

      Bulletin 1440 XM Dynamic Measurement Modules for ControlNet Networks

      Dynamic Measurement Modules for ControlNet Networks

      Our Bulletin 1440 XM® Dynamic Measurement Modules for ControlNet™ networks monitor vibration, pressure, and strain on rotating equipment. These modules are designed to integrate with ControlLogix® controllers connected through a 1440 ControlNet™ adapter.

      Bulletin 1440 XM 220 Dual Speed Modules

      Dual Speed Modules

      Our Bulletin 1440 XM® 220 Dual Speed Modules accept inputs from standard tachometers. These modules operate in dual-channel, single redundant channel, or reverse rotation mode to control how sensors calculate the speed, acceleration, and peak measurements. They can operate stand-alone or on DeviceNet™ networks to provide real-time data and status information to other XM modules, programmable controllers, distributed control systems, and condition monitoring systems.

      Bulletin 1440 XM 440 Series Relay Modules

      Relay Modules

      Our Bulletin 1440 XM? 441 and 442 Relay Modules provide relay solutions when additional relays, more than the single onboard relays of our measurement modules, are required.