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      Medium Voltage Motor Protectors

      Medium Voltage Motor Protectors include Bulletin 857 Motor-Feeder Protection and Bulletin 865 Differential Protection Relay to meet your motor and feeder protection requirements.

      Bulletin 857 Medium Voltage Motor & Feeder Protection

      857 Protection Relay

      Bulletin 857 Motor-Feeder Protection, Medium Voltage offers solutions for today’s motor and feeder protection requirements in one package. Our protection relay gives you flexible control to maximize your motor’s output capabilities, and provides current, voltage and motor protection functions. The protection relay can be integrated into a low voltage or medium voltage Motor Control Center, or can be purchased as an OEM component. Configure these relays using our bundled SetPointPS software.

      Bulletin 865 Medium Voltage Motor & Feeder Differential Protection

      865 Differential Protection Relay

      Bulletins 865 and 857 Motor and Feeder Protection protects devices in the distribution networks of utilities, industry, power plants and offshore application. Configure these relays using our bundled SetPointPS software.