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      Low Voltage Motor Protectors

      Low Voltage Motor Protectors includes a broad selection of overload relays, enclosed motor protectors and modular protection systems. This product offering covers bimetallic relays and solid-state overload relays, as well as motor protection circuit breakers.

      Electronic Overload Relays

      Electronic Overload Relays

      Our Bulletin 193/592 Electronic Overload Relays offer flexibility and convenience in modular designs. They are available for both NEMA and IEC applications. In addition, this portfolio offers a variety of options including protection and communication modules.

      Bimetallic Overload Relays

      Bimetallic Overload Relays

      Our Bimetallic Thermal Overload Relays are motor protectors for IEC applications. We designed these relays for use with our contactors and reversing contactors.

      Bulletin 592 NEMA Eutectic Alloy Overload Relays

      592 NEMA Eutectic Alloy Overload Relays

      Bulletin 592 Eutectic Alloy Overload Relays are thermal type devices. When used with the proper short-circuit protection, these relays protect the motor, motor controller, and power wiring against overheating due to excessive overcurrents. The trip-free mechanism provides overload protection even when the reset button is pressed.

      Bulletin 825-P Modular Protection System

      825-P Modular Protection System

      Our Bulletin 825-P Modular Protection Systems are discontinued and no longer available for sale. Customers are encouraged to migrate to the E300 Electronic Overload Relays.